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Shunsen Industries Corporation specializes in research and development, production, sales and services of artificial quartz stones. Our artificial quartz stones are of top quality and are the best choice for building materials and interior decoration. Our company has been formed in 2006. We experienced in export trading and aiming to be China top quartz stone manufacturer.  Our advantages include: ● factory area of 20000sqm, with 120 workers and three advanced quartz production lines. ...




  •  How to check the quality of quartz stone?

    How to check the quality of quartz stone?2018-10-26

    Quartz stone now is very popular. it is currently one of the most ideal cabinet countertop materials, but also the highest use rate of countertop materials. Quartz stone is made of broken glass and quartz sand as the main filler (silicon dioxide content reaches 99.9%), adding unsaturated resin, stirred after high-pressure high-vibration molding.   Because the content of quartz in the plate is as high as 93%, it is called quartz stone by quartz stone manufacturer. The surface of quartz stone is smooth, smooth, non-scratch, dense, non-porous...

  • Summerly  Quartz  manufacture  in  China

    Summerly Quartz manufacture in China 2018-09-28

    Summerly Quartz, which is from south of China, in “The World of Stone”  Shuitou, Fujian province. It’s one of the most popular quartz slabs & tiles & fabricate manufacture. Summerly Quartz is able to develop thousands of best selling colors in the market, own three fully automatic production lines of daily capacity of 300 slabs and annual capacity of more than 100,000 slabs . Summerly Quartz was recognized as one of the best brand of quartz stone from China, was evaluated and certified by NSF and Greenguard & CE ...

  • Will the Sino-US Trade War Breed New Opportunities for Quartz Industry?

    Will the Sino-US Trade War Breed New Opportunities for Quartz Industry?2018-09-12

    Price war is the prime weapon for the competition of Chinese quartz industry, no matter market and competitors overseas or domestic. The price turns into the only method to success. The filing notice released by US department of commerce at the night on 14th May, 2018, to the anti-subsidy& anti-dumping investigation on quartz products from China, was just one case for some countries’ anti-dumping investigation on Chinese corporation. Will the escalating Sino-US trade war be a hard lesson for Chinese corporation to realize their long-existin...

  • Invitation for Marmomacc 2018 from Shunsen

    Invitation for Marmomacc 2018 from Shunsen2018-09-06

                                     Invitation for Marmomacc 2018 from Shunsen                                  顺森2018意大利维罗纳国际石材展邀请函 时间(date)  Sept 26th-29th 展位号(Booth No.)Hall 8, B8-2 地点(Location): Verona Exhibition Centre. Verona Fiere, Viale del Lavoro,8,37135 Verona The most influential stone exhibition Marmomacc 2018 will be held from 26th Sep. to 28th Sep. in Veron...

  • How to repair white glue line in quartz stone stitching?

    How to repair white glue line in quartz stone stitching?2018-08-31

    Quartz stone is a new type of green, environmentally friendly and pollution-free building decoration material. It has the characteristics of wear resistance, pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-penetration which cannot be compared with other materials. It has been used more and more in cabinet countertops. In the fields of laboratory countertops, window sills, bar counters, elevator doors, floors, walls, etc., artificial quartz stone is the preferred stone for places with high environmental protection...

  • 2018 Dubai International Stone Fair Held a Investment promotion Forum in Shuitou

    2018 Dubai International Stone Fair Held a Investment promotion Forum in Shuitou2018-08-11

    At 6:30 pm on July 21, the 4th Dubai International Stone Fair MID⁃DLEEASTSTONE (hereinafter referred to as Dubai Exhibition) Investment Forum was jointly launched in Shuitian Wuzhou Hotel held by the Shuitou Stone Expo Organizing Committee and the Nan'an Stone Foreign Trade Association. Li Haijun, executive director of Nan’an Stone Foreign Trade Association, Ding Congqing, head of Nan’an Stone Foreign Trade Association,Chen Zhidong, head of overseas investment promotion of Shuitou Stone Expo Committee, Huang Tiansheng, Chairman of Dubai Tianfa ...

  • Which countertop basin is good, top mount or under mount?

    Which countertop basin is good, top mount or under mount?2018-07-16

    Basin is common in kitchen and bathroom countertops, we can see many different basin in daily life. With the improvement of living standard, people begin to pursue individuation and the adornment function of countertop basin. This makes different basin begin to be popular, walked into common people's home.   The difference between the top mount basin and the under mount basin is distinguished according to the installation method, which can also be divided visually on the appearance: In general family, consider the practical, or the under m...

  • Shunsen Industries - Vitoria Stone Fair in Brazil 2018

    Shunsen Industries - Vitoria Stone Fair in Brazil 20182018-07-03

    The Vitoria Stone Fair 2018 is really very good show. We are so glad to attend this show from Jun 7th to 10th.  During the show , our new arrival samples are on present and really attractive.     If you like any colors our our samples, contact with me ,the best samples&catalog &catalog book will be sent to you immediately by free.

  • The Factors of Quartz Stone Tabletop Deformation

    The Factors of Quartz Stone Tabletop Deformation2018-06-22

    For home decoration, people not only in the pursuit of external appearance, but also the environmental performance of decorative materials. As we all know, among the current decorative materials, the price of environmentally friendly materials is very high. It is often not until six months after the house renovation that people can move in. People worry about the decoration with harmful substances. For ordinary home decoration, because of the budget for decoration, the requirements for environmental protection are often ignored. Quartz stone as...

  •  Is China's quartz market entering the era of

    Is China's quartz market entering the era of 2018-05-17

    Nearly a decade of rapid development, quartz industry scale and workers, production capacity and technical level have been greatly promoted, living boundary stone industry occupies very important position. At present, the quartz, due to the small cottage industry production enterprise quantity many, some small quartz factory production product quality is relatively poor, some big enterprises, especially for high-end market brand enterprise, the quality of the product is not too big problem. Now with the help of the "wind" of China's environment...

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