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Shunsen Industries Corporation specializes in research and development, production, sales and services of artificial quartz stones. Our artificial quartz stones are of top quality and are the best choice for building materials and interior decoration. Our company has been formed in 2006. We experienced in export trading and aiming to be China top quartz stone manufacturer.  Our advantages include: ● factory area of 20000sqm, with 120 workers and three advanced quartz production lines. ...




Are quartz stones of the same material, why the price will be disparity

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and quality of life, everyone's requirements for home improvement materials are getting higher and higher; kitchen decoration is an important part of home improvement. Kitchen decoration is not only required to be moisture-proof, durable, but also environmentally friendly, including cabinet countertop selection. The quality of the countertop will directly affect the quality of the overall kitchen decoration. Although quartz stone has become the preferred surface material for countertops, there are many quartz stone brands on the market. The price of quartz stone of different brands is very different. The quartz stone of the same color has some high prices and some are much cheaper. What is the reason for the difference in the price of quartz stone plates?

Like, does not mean the same

quartz stone is made of quartz crystal and resin, and is manufactured by vacuum die casting, heat curing, high-speed water polishing and other more than 30 processes. Many unscrupulous merchants in the market will use artificial granite to pretend to be quartz stone, granite and quartz stone. The appearance is particularly similar, but the hardness is poor, easy to crack, deformation, etc.; and some small factories do not have professional operation procedures, the equipment pressure is small, the produced sheet density is small, and the hardness is not high. The difference in hardness is one reason for the difference in plate prices!

The "core" of quartz stone is different

The raw material for quartz stone production is mainly quartz (99.7% silica). Before the production, the quartz stone manufacturers must also manually select and remove impurities. All raw materials are guaranteed to be non-toxic and non-radiative. The finished plates have no harm to the human body, and are safe and environmentally friendly. It has been listed as a green decorative stone by the state, which is higher than the general artificial stone and natural stone in terms of product characteristics, environmental health and use value.

Not the same, really different

The main raw quartz raw materials can be divided into three types: ordinary sand, refined sand and high-purity sand. Ordinary quartz sand: there will be yellow skin encapsulation outside, the price is about 700 yuan / ton, refined quartz sand: the selection of high-quality ore complex processing to make. The particle size range is 5-480 mesh, and the price is about 1000 yuan/ton. High-purity quartz sand: Made of natural crystal stone and high-quality natural stone, carefully selected and finely processed, the price is as high as 2,000 yuan / ton. Therefore, the difference in light raw materials has been very great.

At the same time, there are differences in the resins that exist as binders. There are many types of resins, such as acrylic resins, which are many times higher than ordinary resins. Environmentally friendly green resins are much more expensive.

In summary, because of the difference in raw materials, the performance of machinery and equipment, the physical properties of quartz stone density and tensile strength are different, the production costs will be different, and this difference is reflected in the sales price.

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