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Artificial Quartz Stone Countertop
Quartz stone countertop installation precautions
1. In the installation of the countertop, try to avoid extensive cutting and opening of the quartz stone at the construction site. On the one hand, it is to prevent the dust from polluting the construction site, and on the other hand, to prevent the cutting from being inaccurate.
2. When designing the opening position of the cooktop, the position of the opening of the table should be greater than or equal to 8 cm from the edge of the table to prevent the face from cracking. When opening the stove, first use a cutting machine or a jig saw to open the hole. Then use the boring machine or hand grinder to polish and trim the edge to achieve a smooth effect. The corner radius of the four-corner circle is basically uniform. Because of the jig saw and the opening of the cutting machine, there are serrations on the periphery of the cut hole to the crack residue, which is easy to cause Crack at the hole.
3. Quartz stone is generally installed by splicing, when you choose the splicing position, try to avoid the corner and the furnace mouth. Due to the thermal expansion and contraction of quartz stone, cracking may occur if it is close to the fire or corner.
4. When the quartz stone countertop is installed, the place where the countertop and the sink are connected will be coated with transparent glass glue. Before you apply glue, you must check whether the glass plastic outer packaging is marked with anti-mildew function. After the glue is applied, the worker must be urged to clean the excess glue in time.
5. Due to the high hardness and high density of quartz stone countertops, the processing technology requirements are relatively high. Therefore, quartz stone countertop installation, should contact professional quartz stone installation master, and use professional tools for installation, must not blindly install, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

How to accept the quartz stone countertop after installation
1. Check the seam condition. If the glue line of the joint can be clearly seen after the table is installed, or the hand can feel the obvious wrong seam, the seam is definitely not done well.
2, check the color difference, quartz stone of the same model color, due to different factory time will have a certain degree of color difference phenomenon, we must pay attention to the comparison when entering the table.
3, check the back water, the countertop against the wall, must be turned up to form a water retaining. It should be noted that this upturn must have a smooth arc upturn, but not a right angle upturn, otherwise it will leave a dead corner that is difficult to clean.
4. Check the flatness of the countertop. After installing the countertop, be sure to check the flatness again with the level gauge.
5. Check the opening condition. The position of the sink and the cooker on the table top needs to be opened. The edge of the opening should be smooth and cannot have a zigzag shape. The four corners must have a certain curvature, not a simple right angle, and they must be specially reinforced. It is best to avoid selecting on-site openings.

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