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Artificial Quartz Stone for Home Decor

Quartz Countertops are made from a combination of crushed quartz, a hard mineral that forms in clusters, and resin, generally in a 93% to 7% ratio. Quartz is produced in many colors and patterns, depending on the colorant and how coarsely the quartz is crushed.

In most foreign countries, quartz stone is widely used in kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity, bar top, flooring and wall cladding. Man made quartz stone has become a new development light spot, in our domestic market, numbers of manufacturers in line of ceramic tiles, crystal stone, natural stone have also introduced the artificial stone.

Moreover, the application area of foreign quartz stone is also changeable, quartz stone is well received in cabinets industry, especially for the flooring decoration. Looking to the developing trend of quartz stone industry, with the diversity of art crafts, from traditional house furnishings, Christmas gifts to garden bonsai, figure sculpture, crystal, imitated bowlder and sandstone, from pure export sales to import and export sales. Artificial Quartz Stone has become a new developing light spot, there are more and more man made stone enterprises.

Quartz countertops offer a number of advantages. The first, and perhaps the most important, is that quartz is non-porous, meaning that your kitchen countertops will not be damaged by spilt liquids. Additionally, quartz is heat and scratch resistant, vital aspects for a room in which hot pans and sharp knives are the norm. For those who like consistency, quartz is engineered stone and therefore ideal, as it creates countertops with consistent patterns throughout your kitchen. With quartz, you can also choose a color that will match your kitchen cabinets or tiled floors. HanStone quartz countertops, for example, offer over 40 colors and patterns from mystic blue to Indian pearl. Unlike most granite countertops, quartz has a limited lifetime guarantee.


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