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Differences Between Quartz Stone and Artificial Quartz Stone

With the many varieties of countertop materials available, it's often challenging for homeowners to determine which will be the best choice for their home. To aid in this process, we offer nine reasons why you should seriously consider Quartz Stone vs Artificial Stone as your top choice.

If you want to use stone materials for your home design and remodel, then it is necessary for you to know clear the difference of all stone materials, which will be useful for you to choose the most proper material fitting in your home style. While today let us make the material comparison between quartz stone and artificial stone, hope you can get what you want.

Price: Quartz stone more expensive than artificial stone
Generally, quartz stone cost you more in the processing equipments, for there are not enough quartz stone manufacturers in the global market, so its factory price is higher.

Their product chain is also different, quartz stone: supplier – area agent – cabinets factory – terminal customers, while artificial stone: supplier – cabinets factory – terminal factory, one more chain for quartz stone, the price is higher.

Practicability: quartz stone does better
For specific use, you should spend time in caring and maintaining in daily life. After using quartz stone for a long time, artificial countertops will have small knife trace, oil and dirt, the color of its corner is going to fade. While quartz stone table top will have black trace, you can use sandpaper to clear it quickly.

Appearance: artificial stone is better looking
The back of artificial countertops can retain water, there is an arc transition. On the other hand, the water retaining of quartz stone is sticked to wall parts with glue.

Artificial stone can be manufactured seamless connected, while quartz stone can not achieve it. Comparatively speaking, artificial stone is easy to polish with a good result, but it can not last a long time.

Installation: artificial stone quicker, quartz powder is less
Quartz stone is heavier than artificial stone, it will take you much time in installing it, and there is no doubt that you should pay additional cost for installation master.

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