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How to facing the Anti-dumping Tariff for the quartz manufacturers

The "cease-fire in the Sino-US trade war" announced on 20 May was like a dream, and before it had time to digest this brief tranquillity, "on 6 July, the United States began to identify the 818 categories on the first batch of lists. News of a $34 billion 25 percent tariff on Chinese products has spilled over-the "trade war" between the two largest economies on the planet has really begun.

It can be said that more than 90% of the stone enterprises are the first to face such cross-border trade cases, inexplicably, without a clue, the amount of coke and even the lucky mentality, which is full of the person in charge of the relevant stone enterprise in the early stage of the case. Different from any previous interview, the author has contacted the owner of the relevant stone enterprise and the head of the export department and the foreign trade department for many times from the time of the case origination, and the response attitude of the relevant stone enterprise is very rare: this time is busy. It is self-evident that there is some thought according to the expert's suggestion to fill in the manufacturer/ exporter questionnaire, and arrange relevant export invoices, purchase vouchers and financial assets. Business report, company license, business organization structure, etc. Especially when the case was filed on May 15th, the amount of money questionnaire, tax rate questionnaire, professional lawyers and other jobs , and even more difficult was that they had to face the damage caused by the war.

Despite the fact that Wang Shaofang, chairman of Pengxiang Industry, who has experienced anti-dumping, has also felt a lot of pressure, he issued the feeling that "it is still certain that the bitter days of the Chinese quartz manufacturers have come". This is the first time many stone enterprises face anti-dumping, but it is not the first time that the stone industry has been subjected to anti-dumping.

The main impact is quartz stone slab manufacturers exports, and subsidies and photovoltaic equivalent, dumping will not be too much. Hope that quartz manufacturers actively respond to give quartz market better prospects.

After just reversed the decline for two consecutive years and the growth rate of foreign trade became a regular worker for the first time, the situation remained tense. The unstoppable anti-dumping has always been the sword of Damocles hanging on the heads of Chinese stone enterprises. This is a double-edged sword, both to China and the European Union, the United States, the heart is better than anyone. This is not an economic confrontation, it is a political game. Instead of trying to circumvent anti-dumping, It's better to think about how the stone industry should lift the double-edged sword of anti-dumping to meet the encounter in the future.

The case is a wake-up call for China's quartz industry. Anti-dumping cases are horrific, but it is worth pondering the attitude of the stone industry in the face of nightmares. In addition to the positive response, from a long-term point of view, for the long-term development of enterprises, brand development of enterprises, the key is to do a good job, improve the quality of their own products, dyke industry internal vicious competition.

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