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Maintenance Knowledge of Quartz Stone

Quartz stone is a large-sized plate that is pressed by a special machine under certain physical and chemical conditions. Its main raw material is quartz sand. Although quartz stone is an artificial combination stone, it also has the texture and beauty of natural stone, so it is widely used in home decoration. Because it is an artificial stone, it is harder, more wear-resistant, more resistant to high temperature and anti-infiltration than ordinary nature stone, and the maintenance work in the later stage is relatively simple. However, as time goes by, quartz stone will also have some problems.

Artificial Quartz stone use precautions:
1. The surface of the quartz stone should avoid contact with water for a long time and prevent the quartz stone from being deformed. Bleaching agents and scales in the water may lighten the color of the quartz stone and affect the appearance.
2. Strictly prevent strong chemicals from contacting quartz stone, such as paints, metal cleaners, etc. If the quartz stone is in contact with the above items, immediately clean the surface of the quartz stone with a large amount of soapy water. Nail polish should be wiped with acetone-free detergent and rinsed with water.
3. Don't let overweight and sharp objects collide with the surface of quartz stone. Oversized or overweight items should not be placed on quartz stone countertops for a long time. Do not let quartzite be boiled with hot water immediately after rinsing with cold water. Thermal expansion and contraction lead to cracks.
4, The daily cleaning of quartz stone can be washed with soapy water or detergent containing ammonia (such as detergent). The scale can be removed with a damp cloth and then wiped clean with a dry cloth.
5, Quartz stone is a high brittle material, has a certain thermal expansion and contraction properties, so it should avoid direct contact with overheated objects. When the quartz stone can not withstand the internal stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction, it will burst.

Maintenance work for quartz stone:
Quartz stone maintenance:
1, Daily maintenance only need to use a sponge, neutral detergent to wipe, pay attention to keep the quartz stone countertops dry;
2, There is scale in the water, the stains on the cabinet can be blown dry with a hair dryer, after a few hours or a few days, the stain will slowly disappear; the small white marks on the quartz stone can be lightly dipped with the edible oil Erase
3. Fine stains on quartz stone can be removed with neutral detergent and gel-like toothpaste;

Quartz stone care (depending on the degree of polishing of the surface of the board):
1. High-gloss surface: Quartz stone wants to make high-gloss surface, it can be polished with sponge and non-abrasive brightener; it can also be sanded with 1200 mesh sandpaper, then brightened with soft cloth and brightener;
2, matte surface: polished with a decontaminating detergent, and then cleaned and wiped; wipe the entire table with a scouring pad at intervals to keep the surface clean;
3, semi-matte surface: use non-abrasive detergent to polish with scouring pad, then wipe with a towel, then use non-abrasive polishing to enhance the surface brightness

Quartz is a very good decorative stone. Maintenance care is much simpler than other stone. In daily life, as long as you pay more attention to some use problems and maintenance methods, you can keep the quartz stone bright and beautiful, save trouble and worry. In addition, quartz stone itself is a reusable environmentally-friendly new building interior decoration material, which does not pollute the environment.

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