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Poor Quality Quartz Is A Health Hazard to Consumers

At present, quartz stone has become one of the most ideal materials for house decorations, such as quartz stone countertops, quartz stone vanities, quartz stone walls and quartz stone floors, etc, with its outstanding strengths of high hardness, corrosion resistance, resistance to high temperature, not easy to seepage and other excellent performance. It is highly appreciated by the industry and consumers. But when we look through the whole domestic quartz stone market, it can be discovered that many kinds of quartz are jumbly, the quality are uneven, and the price difference is relatively large, which make it difficult for consumers to distinguish the pros and cons.

High-quality quartz stone are produced by environmental-protection materials, green and safe, but some manufacturers who are equipped with undeveloped equipment and technology using inferior raw materials in order to reduce costs, which not only destroy the integrity of the market, but also have a serious impact on the physical and mental health of consumers! The impacts are as follows.

1.Not wear-resisting is so easy to give birth to stone powder that contributing to respiratory tract disease.
Some unscrupulous manufacturers use inferior planks which containing excess bubble with low permeability and insufficient hardness to produce quartz stone. The quartz will break easily, not wear-resisting, easily fall powder. While consumers may cause respiratory tract disease because of inspiratory and overmuch powder in the long-term use of inferior quartz products.

2.Long-term exposure to volatilization of residual formaldehyde may lead to cancer.
In order to reduce cost, some unscrupulous manufacturers add glue that containing formaldehyde to make solvent effect, which still can remain exceed formaldehyde after processing. If the strong and pungent formaldehyde flavor volatilizes inside the house for 3-5 years, in a stuffy room or with exorbitant temperature, the situation will become worse and worse. Such circumstance will accelerate formaldehyde flavor volation, and people who exposing to such environment for a long time may easily cause cancer.

3.Organic solvents and heavy metals will do harm to the digestive system. Some unscrupulous manufacturers add inferior inorganic pigments containing leaded or cadmium iferous heavy metals to the organic solvents. And finally these solvents will be added to the quartz stone. If these poor quality quartz plates go into the families,, taking food as a carrier directly into the digestive system, which will do harm to human health through heavy metals and other harmful substances.

Poor quality quartz stone manufacturers in pursuit of profits while disregarding the rights and interests of consumers. Although this kind of quartz plates are quite cheap, they seriously do harm to consumers’ health. Therefore, consumers in the purchase of quartz plates must be very careful, buy good quality quartz instead of inferior quartz, so as not to buy "poison plate" for the family to introduce long-term sources of poison which cause damage to family life and health.

How to identify the quality of quartz countertops, how to select genuine quartz stone products in the numerous and disorderly market, is particularly important. About quartz stone, the higher the quartz content, the lower the resin content, the better the quality. When the resin content of quartz stone is more than 10%, it can not be called the real quartz stone. Consumers can learn to distinguish the true and false quartz stone by some chemical and physical tests according to the quartz characteristics.

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