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Prevalence of artificial quartz stone plate

China Artificial Quartz StoneArtificial Quartz Stone or engineered tiles are the fashionable tiling used mostly today. These tiles are made available in a wide variety of styles and textures. The variety of shades, patterns and designs have encouraged architects and residents for the use of Artificial Quartz at home and offices.

The descriptive pattern in design helps the users fit the pieces to any theme and surroundings easily. Engineered Quartz is a man-made product, not the natural stone. These tiles are manufactured using fine quartz and resin. To create vibrant products, the manufacturers use color pigment and polymers with hard substance. This forms a tough product when fabricated under towering temperature. These products are non-porous and offer resistance to abrasion and acid.

At present a lot of tile factory involved in the manufacture of artificial quartz stone plate, and the application field of artificial quartz stone plate gradually from the kitchen space is extended to some large-scale public places of the floor and walls Putie space, causing the industry's interest. According to the sale of artificial quartz stone finishing line equipment of a mechanical company sales manager Lu Jiang linhui said, the company in the domestic sales of artificial quartz stone equipment most are ceramics factory owner, purchased, used in the production of artificial quartz stone plate and as in addition to tile a sideline to run.

At the same time, artificial quartz stone plate and natural stone compared to also have the advantage that can not be ignored, first of all from the environmental protection is more advantages. Artificial quartz stone using quartz sand as the main raw material, adding some ingredients after pressing, the colors are rich and varied, effective way to avoid the excessive exploitation of natural stone and can absorb some of the waste materials and environmental significance of prominent. Second, the price is relatively cheap, many of the natural stone, decorative effect is not inferior to natural stone.

Today, these products are seen frequently applied to the walls and floors of residential and commercial buildings. More quartz stone products please visit:

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