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Quartz maintenance

Kitchen in the family is the highest frequency of use, and the highest frequency of use in the kitchen is the quartz table, long-term use of quartz will bring some damage, which also brings some trouble to the later cleaning and maintenance. Quartz stone belongs to artificial stone products, in a sense, some household cleaning tools will do some harm to it. The following edition will explain the misunderstanding of quartz stone cleaning and maintenance to you!

For kitchen cleaning, the most headache is soot, water stains. For quartz stone table cleaning is the simplest, use clean water and cloth can be used, after cleaning, use dry towel to dry. Do not use wire ball or spade to scrape during cleaning. Scratching back and forth will cause scratches. In case of stubborn stains, soap water or neutral detergent can be used. Strong detergent, metal detergent and stove detergent are forbidden. Do not contact methylene chloride, acetone and strong acid detergent.

Cautions and maintenance should be paid attention to in use. Do not put high temperature objects directly or for a long time on the table, or directly from the stove or oven, microwave oven hot pot, hot pot, and other appliances with excessive temperature may cause damage to the surface of quartzite. A heat insulation pad should be placed on the table. Do not knock on the table, cut, chop or cut things directly on the table. Although the quartz table is solid and durable, it will leave an ugly scratch. After use, clean with clean water in time to avoid leaving stains. Regular waxing, paraffin or cabinet shop can buy Paraffin wax, can also use car wax or floor wax. It's better to wax once in three months, and stitch seams or key seats can be waxed once a month.

The quality of the cabinet counter directly affects the service life of the cabinet. At present, the common table materials on the market are artificial stone, quartz stone, natural stone and stainless steel, and the most popular one is quartz stone table. Because quartz stone has many advantages, such as wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-penetration, non-toxicity and so on, but the price of quartz stone is also the highest. Besides, decoration is sure to require silver. In the selection of table materials, many people are often reluctant to spend silver. They always feel that the quality of the same name material should be similar. However, cracks often occur less than a year after use.

After the cracking of the countertop, the merchants who find it are often "kicked the ball", but the problem always needs to be solved, is it maintenance or replacement of the new countertop? Brand quartz stone manufacturer's products have a one-year warranty period, in the warranty period if it is plate or processing problems will be replaced free of charge, after all, people will not smash their brand because of this trivial matter. If the merchants "kick the ball" each other, you can imagine that the purchase is not guaranteed, which also means that you are buying low-cost products.

Is it replacement or maintenance after cracking? If it is a small edition of low-cost purchase, it is better for you to replace it directly, because this kind of plate may have potential safety hazards and harm the human body to a certain extent. If you buy brand quartz and it's within the warranty period, you don't need to worry at all, because the manufacturer will replace it for you directly. If it is improperly used or has expired the warranty, it should be selected according to the degree of cracking. If the crack length is less than 20 cm, it can be repaired. The repair should be operated by professionals. Do not operate by yourself.

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