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Six Different Flavors of Quartz Crystals

Geologists tell us that quartz is one of the most abundant minerals in the Earth's crust. This is one of the reasons that quartz crystals are discovered around the world.

First a little background information. Pure quartz is composed of 1 silicon and 2 oxygen atoms, in its crystal form the molecules are pyramid shaped in a repeating structure. This is what shows up as the beautiful angles and facets of crystals. The different colors and varieties we will discuss are caused by traces of other minerals that combine with the quartz to create a specific type, or, in some cases, they are formed by a somewhat unique process.

On the more mystical side, ancient cultures and modern healers have found that certain crystals have certain qualities. Those are described below;

Amyethst is purple and can be a light or dark hue. This gemstone is said to help us to get past our blocks and is also said to be of help in getting over addictions.

Citrine is yellowish. It is a crystal that has a reputation for enhancing life energy and stamina. It is also associated with abundance and can clear negative energy.

White Crystal Quartz Stone is colorless and transparent and is said to be a master healer. The clarity and purity of the light reflected in the clear quartz crystals can help heal many conditions and help bring us into balance.

Herkimer Diamonds are also clear crystals, they are among the oldest formations. They are helpful in getting us in touch with higher guidance and are said to increase our intuitive understanding of things. They also can help us recall dreams.

Rose quartz is typically a pale rose color but it can be found in deeper tones too. This is a gemstone of the heart and love. Having this stone around can be very soothing, peaceful and healing.

Snow Quartz is also known as milky quartz. These stones are a support to growth and their energy encourages cooperation with others. As you might expect they are white and fairly common.

So there is a little taste of the variety of quartz crystal.

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