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The Top Ten Hardest Minerals,how does Quartz rank?

As everyone knows,Quartz is the main ingredient to make Quartz Stone.Account for about 90%-93% for Quartz Stone.Mohs hardness class is a criterion to measure object’s hardness level.

First present by a German mineralogist Frederich Mohs),so it is called Mohs hardness.It is used in mineralogy and gemology.
Mosh hardness is to use a Pyramid shape diamond engrave the minerals’ surface and measure the depth. This depth of scratch means the mohs hardness. And use HM as symbol. Also use this symbol to measure all other material’s hardness.So mohs hardness is very important and useful in the world to compare material’s hardness. The Mohs hardness tester’s scratch is correspondence to the scratch in the material. This method sounds very easy and simple but it is very useful.It is commonly used to describe the hardness for the minerals.

So,Mohs hardness is not a absolute value but a rank of hardness.
Adamas is also called diamond.It is a material made of carbon.In the nature is it the one already know as the material with greatest hardness.Among them the most famous one is Diamond. Adamas has so many different colors,colorless and transparent is the best.
People choose 10 of minerals to show the 10 levels of hardness.In this hardness rank,adamas rank 10.( In this rank,10 means the highest rank,so the adamas have the highest hardness).

Corundum is formed under high temperature of Aluminum-rich and Si-poorness.And inter-growth with Feldspar,Spinelle.In the natural it’s hardness is only secondary to Diamond.In daily life the most common known Corundum is Ruby and Sapphire.Besides,the extracted Corundum can be used as fire and scratch resistant material,and ranks 9 in the mohs hardness.

Topaz is also called Yellow Crystal,it is a kind of mineral with Fluoroaluminosilicate. It is inter-growth with Tin ore,so usually it can be as the symbol to find Tin ore.The most famous place of origin for Topaz is Brazil,Russia and Pakistan etc. It ranks 8.

Quartz is the most widespread mineral,it’s Physical properties and chemical properties are very stable.The main component is Silicon Dioxide.Which is Widely used in daily life.Just like our Quartz Stone. Made of 93% of Quartz Sand which makes Quartz Stone with perfect property. Fire resistance,Water proof,Scrath resistance,Easy to maintain etc. Quartz Sand Ranks 7 in Mosh hardness.

Orthoclase is a kind of insoluble Potassium Mineral.With both transparent and opaque.Ranks 6.

Apatite is the main ingredient for human’s hard part of bone.(tooth,bone etc).Rank 5.

Fluorite is also called Fluorspar. It is a natural mineral,it contains impurity.So in the natural it always shows colorful.It is the main raw material to make optical glass.Ranks 4 in the Mohs Hardness class.

Calcite is a kind of calcarea carbonica.Very widespread in the nature.Ranks 3.

Gypsum is Monoclinic crystal mineral. Gypsum mines are rich in China.It is a widely used industrial and building material.It ranks 2.

Talc is a common silicate and with soft texture. So it ranks 10 in the minerals hardness.

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