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Precautions for processing and installation of quartz stone countertop

Quartz stone countertop processing and installation pay attention to these aspects, to prevent cracking troubles. Among many artificial stone products, quartz stone plate is 93% quartz sand powder as the main aggregate, 7% resin, pigment and other auxiliary materials are the main bonding materials. After mixing, it is formed by vacuum compression, curing and polishing. New stone made by other proc...

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The Top Ten Hardest Minerals,how does Quartz rank?

As everyone knows,Quartz is the main ingredient to make Quartz Stone.Account for about 90%-93% for Quartz Stone.Mohs hardness class is a criterion to measure object’s hardness level. First present by a German mineralogist Frederich Mohs),so it is called Mohs hardness.It is used in mineralogy and gemology. Mosh hardness is to use a Pyramid shape diamond engrave the minerals’ surface and measure the...

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Quartz maintenance

Kitchen in the family is the highest frequency of use, and the highest frequency of use in the kitchen is the quartz table, long-term use of quartz will bring some damage, which also brings some trouble to the later cleaning and maintenance. Quartz stone belongs to artificial stone products, in a sense, some household cleaning tools will do some harm to it. The following edition will explain the m...

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Quartz stone countertops are driving revolution for kitchen

The kitchen, in the hearts of the Chinese people in the past, is not inconsistent with the word "life" that we often hang on the lips today. Therefore, there is an old Chinese saying: the gentleman is always far away from the kitchen – let alone the gender issue, the basic meaning is to tell you: people who have pursuit, taste, and social identity, stay away from the kitchen. As a space where the ...

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Why the quartz stone quality is different?

Quartz stone slab is a combination of natural beauty and high-tech products, can be said to be a combination of natural stone and artificial stone in one. However, the price of quartz stone is higher than artificial stone. The quartz slab is crystal clear and beautiful, with high hardness, strong toughness, low water absorption, no radioactivity, acid and alkali resistance, and so on. It is the fi...

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Chinese Kitchen Culture

In recent years, some companies that focus on kitchen products have begun to take the route of love. Food culture and kitchen culture have been repeatedly mentioned. For example, ZBOM cabinets launched "love home activity", let family love originate in cooking; Goldenhome cabinets combined with Tsinghua University Putting forward new standards for cabinet size and explore the new development of ca...

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How to prevent cracking after quartz stone countertop cracking

Quartz has been developing in China for more than ten years. With the continuous improvement of production capacity and technology of quartz stone manufacturers in China, the price of quartz stone is becoming more and more close to the people. More and more people begin to choose quartz stone as the main decorative materials, such as floor laying, indoor wall dry hanging and modeling. Summerly qua...

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Why does quartz stone lose its luster due to grinding, and how to fix it?

The artificial quartz stone plate not only has the characteristics of natural stone with rich color and beautiful surface, but also has the characteristics of antibacterial, high temperature resistance, wear resistance, leakage prevention, non-toxicity and no radiation. It is more and more people in modern home decoration. Recognition. However, in the specific application, it is impossible to avoi...

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The Color Collocation Of Cabinets And Quartz Countertop

Quartz stone is often used to make all kinds of countertop. Here we explore the color collocation of cabinets and quartz countertop. 1、White A lot of people like use white kitchen countertop, because white looks good and clean. White represents pure, calm. The contrasting colors of black and white create a simple calming effect, with no distractions. The combination of white and any color will cre...

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The Future of Quartz in US Market

As a potential material for home decoration, there is still big market space for quartz in US. The characters of quartz determine its huge potential in the building of hotel, apartment, residence and other commercial property. The popular color of quartz will still be marble-like light-color and white-grey series. While as a result of China-US trade war, the companies in US will strengthen the pro...

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