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Summerly Quartz Stone,Light up your life!

Quartz Stone,as the most popular home decoration material,attract more and more people’s attention nowadays. Let’s see what makes this quartz stone sand out. Summerly Quartz Stone’s main raw material is Quartz sand.Such as Pink Quartz,Green Quartz,White Quartz,Yellow Quartz ,Blue Quartz etc.Colorful Quartz Sand combination make the quartz stone with perfect texture and glossiness as natural stone....

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How Do You Identify Real Quartz Or Fake Quartz

Why is it that the quartz stone countertops of others' homes have been in use for several years and are still in good condition. Can you wipe off various stains in one year? Also used to say that your home bought fakes! Then, the question is: How to distinguish between true and fake quartz stones? Check price The price of a good quartz stone should be more than 700 yuan per sqm. This does not nece...

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How To Deal With The Yellowing On The Surface Of The Quartz Kitchen

In the kitchen, there is a serious oil stain. If the cleaning of the kitchen is not clear, it will form thick stains. Of course, quartz stone countertops,Quartz Stone Kitchen Top Countertop are no exception, though quartz stone is dirty, after all, it has no self cleaning function. For the cleanliness of the quartz stone table, many people are often unsuitable for cleaning, causing the discolorati...

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Simple Way Of Identifying Quartz Stone Good Or Bad

1. Hardness: The stand or fall of quartz content in the most intuitive response is hardness, so when you go to the take a steel knife or screwdriver, etc., on the back of the front of the sample, stretch out, must exert oneself to do, if quartz countertops no scratches, leaving only the metal color (with the hand a touch can still lubrication), the quality is ok. 2. Breath: Good quartzite is envir...

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In 2018 Quartz Sand Demand Will Reach 289 Million Tons

According to the authorities, global demand for industrial quartz sand will grow by 5.6% a year, to 289m tones by 2018. China remains the leading consumer of quartz sand. By 2018, China is expected to retain its position as the leading consumer of industrial quartz sand, accounting for a third of global demand. China's vast glass industry, also the world's largest, will continue to strengthen the ...

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Consider Before Buying Quartz Kitchen Countertops

If you are looking for a premium kitchen countertop material you may at first think of granite. However there is another option you may want to consider which is quartz. Quartz surfaces are made from approx. 90% quartz and 10% epoxy resin with some styles looking a lot like natural stone. One of the benefits quartz has over other natural material is that there is a massive range of colors to choos...

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Quartz Stone for Home Design

Over the past year, quartz stone usage for home improvement has seen a massive rise in consumer popularity. It is an excellent alternative for natural stones such as granite and marble; and given that it is man-made, is available in almost any design! So, what are the uses for quartz stone? This type of stone is great in the kitchen, but even better in the bathroom! Tiles can be shaped from it as ...

Tags : Compound Artificial Quartz Stone   White Crystal Quartz Stone   Quartz Kitchen Countertops  

Quartz Kitchen Countertops Are Economical

If you are looking for an almost maintenance free kitchen countertop material Quartz Kitchen Countertops are a great pick for you. Highly resistant to spills, stains, and any other type of mess aids in helping quartz to be one of the top rated countertop material on the market today. Incredibly durable with a hardness rating of 7, quartz will be able to take almost anything that you can throw at i...

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Quartz Crystals Explained

Quartz is the most common mineral on the face of the Earth. Chemically, quartz is a compound called silicon dioxide, SiO2. As a crystal, quartz is used as a semiprecious gemstone. It is a relatively hard stone, 7 on the Mohs hardness scale. Quartz is one of the most abundant mineral crystals and can take many forms. In pure form, quartz is colorless, but it is commonly colored by impurities. Rose ...

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Artificial Quartz Stone in Home Design

Quartz, also known as quartzite, is a stone which is used just like granite, marble, etc. in houses. Over the past year, quartz stone usage for home improvement has seen a massive rise in consumer popularity. Now, fewer and fewer natural quartz stone, quartz stone in order to meet the large demand, people developed Artificial Quartz Stone. And as quartz is man-made, it comes in any color, shape, s...

Tags : Artificial Quartz Stone   Quartz Stone Table Top   Quartz Kitchen Countertops  

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