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Shunsen Industries Corporation specializes in research and development, production, sales and services of artificial quartz stones. Our artificial quartz stones are of top quality and are the best choice for building materials and interior decoration. Our company has been formed in 2006. We experienced in export trading and aiming to be China top quartz stone manufacturer.  Our advantages include: ● factory area of 20000sqm, with 120 workers and three advanced quartz production lines. ...




How to Identify the Quality of Quartz Stone?

Quartz stone is also called artificial stone. In general, quartz stone with inferior quality are mainly with following problems and dangers: short aging cycle, poor glossness, impure color; the texture would be with many pores; it is easy to get scratched and deformed.

What’s more, it is not environment friendly.

So, how to identify the quality of quartz stone? First of all, it is necessary to look at its hardness and strength. Take a quartz stone sample, 20mm thickness, throw it on the floor for about 20 times. The sample of poor quality will be broken into many small pieces, while a good quality one at most be broken into 2 or 3 pieces. If the force is not enough, the good ones will bounce up from the ground.

Secondly, do a high temperature test. Take a thin strip of 
quartz sample with fire burning. artificial quartz stone with poor quality is easily to be burned and flared, while good quality ones won't get burned , unless coupled with a combustion-supporting material, and will auto-off. Because good quality quartz, powder partly with three water molecules of aluminum hydroxide, so there is a good flame retardant performance, while inferior quality quattz, powder portion of calcium hydroxide (lime powder) can’t be flame-retardant.

Thirdly, do the anti-pollution test. Take routine colored liquid, such as lipstick, ink, vinegar
or soy sauce, pour over the surface for about ten minutes, and then scrub with water to see if there is penetration. quartz stone of good quality can be scrubbed off the color.


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