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Shunsen Industries Corporation specializes in research and development, production, sales and services of artificial quartz stones. Our artificial quartz stones are of top quality and are the best choice for building materials and interior decoration. Our company has been formed in 2006. We experienced in export trading and aiming to be China top quartz stone manufacturer.  Our advantages include: ● factory area of 20000sqm, with 120 workers and three advanced quartz production lines. ...




How to Test whether the Quartz Countertop is of Good Quality

Quartz stone is a new type of artificial stone synthesized from fine quartz sand. Its color is diverse and it has the texture and luster of natural stone. Quartz stone is a kind of non-radioactive, reusable green environmental protection new building interior decoration stone, which is widely used in kitchen countertops, washstands, dining tables, coffee tables, window sills, door covers and other fields.


For quartz, the higher the content of quartz, the lower the amount of resin, the better the quality, the closer to natural, the less deformed. When the content of the resin in the quartz stone is more than 10%, it cannot be called a real quartz stone. Among the numerous quartz products, how to identify the quality of quartz stone countertops, it is particularly important to purchase genuine quartz stone products. How to distinguish the quartz stone that has been installed has become a concern of everyone, and we can be test the quality of quartz countertops according to the characteristics of quartz.


How to detect the quality of quartz stone countertops?

1. To avoid some bad businesses to maximize their benefits, they do not use calcium powder in the raw materials to fill, so you can use oxalic acid for testing. Take a small amount of oxalic acid into the surface of the quartz countertops. If bubbles appear, it means that the quartz countertop contains calcium powder. The test time should not exceed half an hour. After the test, it should be cleaned with water or soapy water.

2, detection of anti-penetration ability, the water absorption rate of quartz stone is 0.03%, the density of the quartz stone can reach 2.4g m3, coupled with the surface of the hairless pores and small cracks, the possibility of liquid penetration is very small. A small amount of soy sauce can be dripped on the surface of the surface and cleaned at 24 hours. If it penetrates into the inside of the sheet, it is unqualified.

3, high temperature detection, can be used to install boiling water in a stainless steel container or to ignite a cigarette on the surface of the board, the placement time is controlled for about half an hour, if the sheet discoloration can not be cleaned with water, it is unqualified.



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