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About Us

Shunsen Industries Corporation specializes in research and development, production, sales and services of artificial quartz stones. Our artificial quartz stones are of top quality and are the best choice for building materials and interior decoration. Our company has been formed in 2006. We experienced in export trading and aiming to be China top quartz stone manufacturer.  Our advantages include: ● factory area of 20000sqm, with 120 workers and three advanced quartz production lines. ...




The Advancement for Quartz Countertops

We spend most time at home in our long journey, to fully comfort our mind and body after hard-working day. To obtain a perfect kitchen, to satisfy the demand of our stomach, will inspire more expectation for life. People say that home is the warm harbor, then kitchen would be an vital part of this harbor. When we decorate the kitchen, most would consider using quartz to make countertops, for the nature surface and excellent quality decides the style and quality of the whole kitchen.


Then what are the other advancements of quartz kitchen countertops ?



Advanced appearance | from nature but better

Summerly Quartz used most advanced technology which embraces both natural style and modern crafts. The natural quartz surface is made of 93% natural quartz sand and 7% high-grade resin and other auxiliary materials. Quartz is the forth hardest mineral in nature after diamonds, rubies and emeralds. The excellent hardness and durability guarantee its long-time original appearance



Dense non-porous | Waterproof and stain resistant

The natural inorganic materials and resins undergo vacuum processing, vibration removal and compression molding, etc., so that the quartz composition of Summerly Quartz are finely chemically combined, and the quartz stone forms a dense non-porous structure, and the water absorption rate is extremely low. At the same time, it also perfects the defects of natural stone, and has the characteristics of antibacterial, mildew and antifouling. It is an excellent building stone with strong resistance.



Scratch resistant and impact resistant

Summerly Quartz stone contains 93% quartz sand, which has excellent scratch resistance and can be used in occasions with special requirements on material wear performance. For example, when applied to kitchen countertops, even if the pots and pans touch the bumps, It won't be easily scratched or broken, so you can use it with peace of mind.



Strong anti-corrosion and anti-aging

Ordinary quartz stone will damage and turn yellow if it is diluted with sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid on the surface, and inferior quartz stone doped with other harmful substances will cause bubbles. Summerly quartz stone adopts high-quality environmentally-friendly pigments and dyeing technology. The color is constant and the aging resistance is strong. Even if it is hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid, there is no chemical reaction on the surface.



High temperature resistance

Summerly quartz stone is made of high-quality quartz crystal and high-grade resin. Its fire rating is Class B. It is a kind of flame retardant material. It can effectively resist high temperature and heat source in kitchen countertop application, and will not easily change color and yellow.



Really healthy

Summerly quartz stone is made of high-quality quartz sand. It has good sand quality, high whiteness, less impurities, no yellowing, no weathering particles and strong permeation. The resin is made of high quality resin, transparent and pure without impurities. The quartz stone plate has a strong sense of transparency.


In addition, Summerly quartz stone strictly follows the standards of green environmental protection in the production process, and uses leading environmental protection production equipment to ensure the high quality of the products. Summerly quartz stone has obtained international authoritative certifications such as NSF, SGS, CE, etc. The contact of the food won’t cause any harmful contamination, you can use it carefree



Variety of colors, good looks | Wide range of applications

Summerly Quartz specializes in the development and promotion of international popular colors of quartz stone. The design inspiration is collected in the world, and the color and texture are more fashionable and more styled to enhance the visual effect and decorative effect, and it is easier to work with various spaces. Match.


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