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Shunsen Industries Corporation specializes in research and development, production, sales and services of artificial quartz stones. Our artificial quartz stones are of top quality and are the best choice for building materials and interior decoration. Our company has been formed in 2006. We experienced in export trading and aiming to be China top quartz stone manufacturer.  Our advantages include: ● factory area of 20000sqm, with 120 workers and three advanced quartz production lines. ...




What are the characteristics of artificial quartz stone?

1. the surface is lasting and beautiful

The artificial quartz stone structure is compact, non-microporous, non-absorbent, and highly resistant to dirt. After precise polishing, the surface of the product is easy to clean and maintain, and it can maintain long-lasting luster.

2. scratch resistant

The surface hardness of quartz stone is higher than that of ordinary iron. It is made of natural mineral quartz crystal which is second only to diamond in nature. But should avoid scraping high hardness items such as diamond, sandpaper and hard alloy to wipe the countertop.

3. resistant to dirt

Thequartz stone countertops has a high level of non-microporous structure, and the moisture absorption rate is only 0.03%, which proves that the material is basically free of permeation phenomenon. And the tabletop can be rinsed with water or a neutral detergent after each use on the countertop.

4. anti-burning

artificial quartz stone surface has a very high anti-burning ability, and is currently the best temperature resistance material other than stainless steel. Resist the burnt residue that often burns the top of the table and the bottom of the pot.

5. anti-aging

The lustrous surface of quartz stone is more than 30 complicated polishing processes. It can not see the aging phenomenon of the material at normal temperature, and it will not cause yellowing and discoloration.

6. non-toxic and non-radiative

The surface of the quartz stone is smooth and scratch-free, and the dense and non-porous material structure makes the bacteria have nowhere to hide, can be in direct contact with food, and is safe and non-toxic. The high-quality quartz stone is made of selected natural quartz crystal minerals, and is purified and purified during the manufacturing process. The raw materials do not contain any heavy metal impurities that may cause radiation, so that the quartz stone has no risk of radiation pollution.

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