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How To Clean Stubborn Stains On Quartz Stone Surface


Now quartz stone is undoubtedly the first choice for making countertops. The Quartz Stone  to be purchased must first look at the smoothness. Secondly, there are not many transparent crystal particles in the quartz stone. Generally, the more crystal particles, the better. The most in need of defense is that the bad merchants take the fake "quartz stone" to replace the quartz stone. The real quartz stone is made of 93% quartz and 7% resin, the hardness is very high, and the fake is made of marble powder and Resin synthesized, its hardness is much less.

Quartz stone is not easy to bleed compared with other artificial quartz stone because of its high hardness and density. The cleaning frequency of quartz stone is actually determined according to the customer's usage. Usually, after using it at home, wipe the table surface with rag. It can be cleaned and maintained once a week, and once a year. Because the kitchen fumes are relatively heavy, the cleaning of stubborn stains has caused many people to have headaches.

Quartz stone cleaning and maintenance methods:

It can be scrubbed with detergent. After scrubbing, it can be applied to the surface of the car with wax or furniture wax to be dried. Then it will be rubbed back and forth with a dry cloth, which will add a protective film to the table.

Special attention should be paid to the place where the surface stitching seams are stained. If it is stained up, it is recommended to scrub it in time, and focus on the wax here. If possible, the waxing frequency can be high.

If the quartz stone countertop in the home has bleed condition and we can't clean it ourselves, you can contact our quartz stone manufacturer to clean it with professional quartz powder.

Care should be taken to clean stubborn stains. Do not use wire balls to rub back and forth. Use blade cleaning or chemical acid to clean them. Use strong acid to clean and do not touch the countertop for too long (not more than five minutes). After cleaning, flush the countertop with clean water.