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Bad Habits Seriously Affect The Service Life Of Quartz Surfa


The use of quartz stone in the countertop material is getting bigger and bigger. Although the quartz stone countertop is strong and durable, if we use it more carefully, then the service life of the quartz stone countertops will also increase accordingly. There are some bad habits in the use of quartz stone countertops that we usually don't pay attention to, but these bad habits will greatly shorten the service life of quartz stone surface.


1. Although the quartz stone is hard and not easy to scratch, and the water absorption rate is only 0.02%, so it is not easy to penetrate, because the quartz stone belongs to the die-cast artificial stone plate with a density of 2.3g/m3, and some manufacturers will also do surface anti-fouling treatment. Do not use sharp things for a long time to scratch. Too deep scratches on the table will damage the protective layer and cause bacterial problems.


2. Quartz stone plate is made of quartz sand, resin and a small amount of additives. Do not place hot pots and other hot containers for long periods of time because the temperature of the heat containers is well above 100 degrees. This causes the countertop to heat up and shrink and crack or leave a mark on the bottom of the container. If you need to place it, please use the insulation pad.


3, to prevent oil and salt sauce vinegar and other materials spilled on the countertop, the need to be cleaned in time.


4, do not use the wire ball to rub back and forth when cleaning, use water. Neutral detergent or soapy water can be used for soot stains. Wipe dry with a rag.

If the same product is used differently, it will cause a certain gap in service life. Extending the service life of goods is inseparable from daily care and maintenance. The price of quartz stone is high in the countertop surface material, so please read the instruction manual before use. Remember not to cut, cut, smash directly on the Quartz Stone  plate, and also carry out regular maintenance.